Property Owner

At New City our services are tailored to suit the needs of the property owner in the ever changing rental market. We would be happy to meet with you, without obligation, to discuss rent levels, condition of property and the letting market and to advise on these matters where necessary. We are happy that our service covers all aspects of the property management spectrum, however, if you have an individual requirement specific to your property we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Our services include:

Assessment of rent levels

Our first priority when receiving an enquiry from an owner is to view the property and assess the rent level, taking into account location, features and standard decor. The quality of interior decoration may substantially affect the level of rent achievable and the time it takes to find a tenant.

Letting of property

We manage a large selection of properties in all areas of Dublin, Belfast and London and offer a comprehensive package of services to clients wishing to let or rent residential property. Concentrating on residential property management only enables our professional management team to manage property without distraction.

Securing tenants and arranging of lease agreements.

Once you appoint us as your managing agent we will endeavour to find the right tenant, with suitable references at the appropriate market rent, as quickly as possible. All prospective tenants are screened as to their suitability. Prior to signing a lease we require references from their bank, employer and previous landlord if applicable.

Letting Fee

The fee for this service is 6% of the annual rent plus VAT @21%. The cost of preparing the lease agreement is €121.00 including VAT. You may of course have the lease agreement drawn up by your own Solicitor, if you so wish.

Rental Administration

Rents are collected by New City Estates by direct debit monthly in advance, normally on the 1st of each month. We issue a detailed computerised statement of account to you either monthly or quarterly. We will enclose a cheque or make a lodgement to your bank account depending on your requirements.

Transfer of Utility Accounts

Once the lease agreement has been signed we will oversee the transfer of the utility accounts (Electricity, gas, telephone) into the tenant’s name.

Issuing of rent book and complying with statutory regulations

Our services include the following:
Rent book issued to tenant
Property registered with with Private Residential Tenancies Board
Stamp duty collected on all lease agreements where the annual rents exceed €15,000.00(The tenant is liable for this stamp duty).
Deduction of withholding tax from rents collected on behalf of overseas Landlords.

Detailed statement of account

A computerised statement of account is issued either monthly or quarterly to the client, and payment made directly by cheque or credit transfer to your bank account.

Full maintenance service and 24-hour emergency service

Our Maintenance team includes an Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter and an Appliance Engineer. We deal with all requests for service quickly and cost efficiently. We also provide a 24 hour Emergency Maintenance Service to the tenants. This ensures that repairs are effected as soon as possible, where delay may cause further damage to your property.

Re-decoration work if required

We can also arrange ongoing redecoration, painting etc. if required. This will ensure that there is less hassle involved for you when letting your property with New City Estates.

Complete furniture package arranged

In the case of a new property, we can arrange a complete furniture package and decoration of your property.

Insurance cover

The property and its contents that are included in the inventory should be adequately insured to protect your investment and your insurers should be aware that the property is to be let. We can arrange insurance cover for you if necessary

Management Fees

This comprehensive service is available at just 10% of rent costs plus a 21% Vat charge. Clients can be assured that their property will only be let to suitable tenants. It is in our interest to ensure this, as our commission is charged on rent received only.

Further information on all aspects of our management package can be requested via our online enquiry form or by e-mail. If you are considering letting your property, and would like to find out more about our services, a member of our management team would be happy to meet with you at your property to discuss your individual requirements. This initial meeting is of course without obligation or charge.